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What is VideoMeld?
VideoMeld is a complete video and audio editor and effects program. VideoMeld takes advantage of all the latest technology, including multiple processors, accelerated video effects, new file formats, and much more. It combines powerful, multitrack video and audio file mixing with a fast and easy-to-use interface and dynamic effect settings.
Where can I get the latest version?
The latest version of VideoMeld is available on the VideoMeld download page.
What are the system requirements?
VideoMeld requires Windows 7 or later.
How do I update VideoMeld?
To update, download the self-installing file and run it. Install it into your existing VideoMeld folder to replace the older version.
Is VideoMeld available on CD or in stores?
The software is available by download only. The file is under 10MB and takes only a few minutes download. Although you are welcome to make a backup copy on a CD, you can always download a copy from the website when needed. Since there is no real advantage to providing a CD, that option is not offered.
Is VideoMeld free?
Yes. The free version is limited to melding files of 5 minutes or less and it adds "Edited using VideoMeld" text to the video. A license is required to remove the meld limit and text.
How do I remove the "Edited using VideoMeld" text?
You'll need to buy a license and enter it into the program. See details in the next question.
How do I buy VideoMeld and how much does it cost?
Licenses may be purchased on the Buy Now page. The cost depends on the duration of the license. A license removes all limitations from the free version and does not add any text to the video. If you buy a Lifetime license, then the license never expires. All other licenses expire after their respective duration and the program reverts back to the limited free version.
Is phone support available or can I buy by phone?
Sorry, GoldWave Inc. currently does not provide phone support/purchasing. For support options, see the Support page. For purchasing options, see the Purchase page.
How does VideoMeld compare with GoldWave?
VideoMeld is designed for arranging and combining many audio/video files into a single file. GoldWave is designed for detailed work on individual audio files.

Detailed editing of individual sound filesYesNo
Easy mixing, cross-fading, and sequencing of many filesNoYes
Audio restoration and noise reductionYes1/2
Large number of included audio effectsYesNo
Dynamic volume controlYesYes
Dynamic effect settingsNoYes
Video playback, editing, sequencing, and mixingNoYes
CD audio extractionYesNo
Real-time visualsYesNo
Real-time effects and editingNoYes
Drag-and-drop editingNoYes
Independent left and right channel editingYesNo
Batch format conversionsYesNo
Cue points with large file splittingYesNo
Vocal cancellation effectYesNo
CD BurningNoNo
DVD AuthoringNoNo
Where can I find a tutorial or demonstration?
Tutorials are available on YouTube on the VideoMeld channel.
Where can I find more help?
Most of the commands in VideoMeld include a Help button. You can use the Help | Contents menu command to find additional information. Also check the forums.


How do I install VideoMeld?
Simply download the self-installing file and run it. It will ask you where to install VideoMeld and whether or not to create shortcuts and menu items. Note that administrator privileges may be required on some configurations of Windows to run installation.
How do I uninstall VideoMeld?
Use "Uninstall a Program" or "Programs and Features" under the Windows Control Panel then select the VideoMeld and choose the Remove button.
Where do I enter my license?
You'll need to run VideoMeld then choose the glowing red/orange button in the status bar to enter your license.

Purchase & License

What is a license?
A license is similar to an activation code that unlocks the evaluation version and removes the "Edited using VideoMeld" banner and the 5 minute melding limit. A Lifetime license never expires and works in future versions, giving you free upgrades. A Year based license expires after the number of year specified, then a new license is required to continue using the program wihtout evaluation limits. Internet access is not required (or used) for activation and the license is not tied to a specific computer. All license information must be kept confidential. If a license becomes public, it will be revoked by GoldWave Inc. and will not be replaced.
How do I get a license?
You can buy a license online. Please see the Buy Now page for details. Warning! Licenses are not sold on eBay. Any eBay listings are unauthorized. Also avoid any sites selling a discount or OEM license for VideoMeld because there is no such thing. Such sites are selling pirated software and the license you (may) receive will not work in future versions of the program.
Can I use the same license on two computers?
If you are the only one using the software, then you can install VideoMeld on both computers (such as a desktop and a laptop) and use the same license on each. If two people may be using the software at the same time, then separate licenses are required for each computer.
Do I need a PayPal account to buy a license?
No, you can still buy through PayPal using a credit card without a PayPal account. Look for and choose the link to continue without an account on the PayPal page.


Why is the audio or video missing when I add a video file that contains audio?
VideoMeld adds audio and video in separate sections. Usually the video is added to one track and the audio is added to a different track, just below the video. If a file contains both audio and video, but only one appears, VideoMeld may not be able decode the contents of the file because the system does not contain the required decoders. You may need to use other software to convert the video to a format that VideoMeld can open.


Why does audio and video synchronization drift off?
Variable bitrate encoded video files are virtually impossible to synchronize accurately. Use constant bitrate encoding when capturing video files or convert existing files to a constant bitrate before adding them to a VideoMeld project.

Use the Decode Audio To Wave File... button in the Section Settings for the audio section to decode variable bitrate audio to a constant bitrate. Also refer to "Synchronization" in the help for more information.

Why is video playback or previewing slow?
VideoMeld requires a lot of memory and accelerated hardware to run efficiently, but there are other reasons why previewing may be slow. Potential solutions are given below.
  • Restart your computer to free up memory.
  • Make sure all videos are stored on the computer's local hard drive. If files are on a flash drive, an external drive, or a network drive, that will slow access down.
  • Defragment your hard drive (search Windows Help for "defragment").
  • Download and install the latest sound and display drivers from the manufacturer.
  • Try turning off emulation (Options | Configure VideoMeld).
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