If you lost your GoldWave license, you can request another copy here. Please note that GoldWave Inc. is not obligated to replace lost licenses. If your identity cannot be confirmed, you will have to buy a new license. Only licenses purchased directly from GoldWave Inc. can be replaced.

If you've just purchased a new license, but have not received it, try requesting another copy here. Contact GoldWave Inc. if your email address is not in the database or you don't receive the license within an hour.

Use this form if your email address has not changed since ordering your license. Your license will be emailed to the address, provided it matches the database records.

Use this form if your email address has changed or it is not in the database. The information will be sent to GoldWave Inc. for manual verification. Please provide as much information as possible. If you do not remember the exact details, please provide your best guess.

Requests containing incomplete address information will be ignored.

Items in bold are required.

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