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Lifetime GoldWave License x
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  • License never expires!
  • Free upgrades!
  • Works with all versions of GoldWave.
  • Includes Infinity (iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS)

One Year GoldWave License x
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  • License expires one year after purchase date.
  • Software returns to evaluation mode after one year.
  • Upgrades are free for one year.
  • Includes Infinity (iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS)
    GoldWave v5.53 or later required on Windows

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Alternative resellers: • C&J Marketing (China, exclusive) • KoreanSoft (Korea) • Aquion (Australia)

Limited Edition GoldWave NFT Licenses

For cryptocurrency payments, please purchase an NFT license. Each NFT contains unlockable content with details for accessing the unique GoldWave Lifetime License. Some NFTs are currently available at a big discount, so you can get a limited edition license for less than a regular one! Browse the collection on OpenSea to find them.

Wood License Wood License
999 possible
Bronze License Bronze License
100 available
Bronze License Silver License
50 available
Gold License Gold License
Just 10 available
Gold License Emerald License
Just 5 available
Gold License Sapphire License
Just 3 available
Ruby License Ruby License.
Only 1 available.
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