GoldWave Inc. is a small privately owned, Canadian based corporation, located near St. John's, Newfoundland. The company develops affordable, professional quality, digital audio editing software and multitrack audio/video mixing software. The company is named after the GoldWave Digital Audio Editor, which was released in April 1993. The software has continued to improve with helpful feedback from hundreds of thousands of users and customers over the past 30 years.

GoldWave has been used for historic recording analysis in the moon landing, as reported on BBC and the Houston Chronicle. It was mentioned by name in the pilot episode of the television series Supernatural. It made a very brief appearance in the television series Lie To Me (S1E2).

The US Coast Guard has used GoldWave to clean up radio calls and in evaluating personnel (ON SCENE The Journal of U. S. Coast Guard Search and Rescue, Spring 2003).

It is used in dozens of schools and universities around the world and is mentioned in numerous research papers covering a wide variety of topics, including neuropsychology, bioacoustic signals, seismic analysis, and engine and animal identification.

And it is used for many common tasks like recording vocals and instruments, mixing music, restoring and enhancing audio, analyzing signals, transcribing speech, and much more.

GoldWave is very accessible and has become popular in the visually impaired community and has applications for the study of hearing impairment and perception.

On March 17, 2009 GoldWave® became a registered trademark of GoldWave Inc.


Many references to GoldWave can be found in a wide range of books and articles. Some examples are listed below.

Refund Policy

Please download and use the evaluation version of the software before purchasing to ensure complete satisfaction. We feel that it is important that you are satisfied with the software before purchasing so that refunds are unnecessary. However full refunds will be issued in the event that the software does not perform as expected within 30 days of purchasing.

Privacy Policy

GoldWave Inc. does not disclose any customer information. All personal information and email addresses are kept confidential.

For online purchases, please see the Stripe Privacy Policy or the PayPal Privacy Policy. Google Site Stats may be used on parts of this website to improve advertising of GoldWave software and determing if advertising leads to sales (it doesn't!).

GoldWave Inc. does not send unsolicited messages (except in rare circumstances). No upgrade notices, announcements, or advertisements are sent. Your email address is used only to send a license or reply to your questions or requests. Anyone requesting a free trial extension license may receive occasional promotional messages or discount offers.

GoldWave Inc. software is clean and never contains adware, spyware, or any other unrelated software. Always download from the official download sites. Official downloads are digitally signed.

In most cases no data is collected or used directly by GoldWave Inc. We do not collect telemetry, so it is important to contact us directly if you experience any problems with our software. Licenses may be verified for authenticity. Version numbers may be checked for available updates. For the old Android and iOS versions, statistical information related to the Google Play Store/Ads or the Apple App Store is unavoidable. We are moving away from Store based distribution. Please use GoldWave Infinity instead for best privacy on mobile devices.

If you use the Forums, messages will be sent only when creating an account or when you explicitly request to receive notification of activity on a topic.

If you click on any Google ads, non-personal information may be retained by Google to provide more relevant ads. See Google's Privacy Center for details.

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