Installation Notes

  • MULTIQUENCE is discontinued. Install VideoMeld instead.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7. Windows 95/98 not supported. Note that video playback does not work on Windows Vista and 7.
  • A new license is required when upgrading from v2.0 to v2.5. If you have a v2.0 license, you can purchase an upgrade license at a significant discount. If you have a v2.5 license, it will work with this update.
  • Recommended system requirements:
    • 800MHz processor
    • 256MB RAM
    • 50MB hard drive space available
    • Video card running at 32-bit true colour
  • DirectX 8 or later is required.
  • For Windows Media Video support, Windows Media Player 9 or later must be installed.
  • For QuickTime Movie and M4A support, QuickTime Player 7 or later (or iTunes) must be installed with authoring and media creation modules.
  • To save in MP3 format, the LAME MP3 Encoder must be installed.
  • To save in MPEG2/VCD/SVCD video format bbMPEG.dll is required.

Download Links

MULTIQUENCE v2.55 Last Version:

Recent Changes

  • Changes in v2.55 include:
    • Vista compatible help
    • Improved Vista and restricted user compatibility
    • Mouse wheel zooming
    • Improved MOV audio decompression
    • Auto center video option
    • Several improvements and fixes
  • Changes in v2.54 include:
    • Minor improvements and several fixes
  • Changes in v2.53 include:
    • Video capture support!
    • SMPTE Wipe Collection video effect (includes many different transition)
    • Thermal, Colour Invert, Alpha Invert, and Flip video effects
    • Faded edges setting for caption section
    • Ability to save video as MPEG2/VCD/SVCD (bbMPEG.dll required)
    • Quick fade/pan graphs
    • Replaceable recording sections
    • Waveform drawn during audio playback
    • Ctrl+Shift+D to duplicate effect settings for multiple sections
    • Some fixes
  • Changes in v2.52 include:
    • Better support for Windows Media Video and QuickTime Movie files
    • Ability to save video in Windows Media Video and QuickTime Movie formats
    • Ability to save audio in MP3 format
    • Shadow setting under caption options
    • Windowed video resolution setting under playback options
    • Some fixes
  • Changes in v2.51 include:
    • Several new video effects (dissolve, zoom/pan, shape wipe)
    • Setting to preserve aspect ratio under video options
    • A "space equally" edit command
    • Right-click on pan/fade points for precise control
    • Several fixes
  • Changes in v2.50 include:
    • A new, improved system of video effects
    • Brightness/contrast settings
    • Speed control for video sections
    • Uncompressed video format support when saving
    • Alignment settings for text caption sections
    • Graphs for compressed audio files (waveforms now shown for MP3 files!)
    • Title bars on section boxes for easier selection/dragging, even when fade/pan graphs shown
    • Playback time and frame counter in master control window

Known Issues and Solutions

  • Creating QuickTime movies for internet streaming does not work. Use Apple software, such as QuickTime Pro, to re-export the movie.
  • Video plug-ins do not function correctly. Use "Video effects" instead. Video plug-ins will be eliminated from future versions.
  • When saving as a video, some video formats can cause crashes or distorted video because of defective video codecs. Please choose a different video format.
  • Some video files are not "seekable". This may cause playback to freeze or stutter. Increasing the frame rate can eliminate the problem if the processor is fast enough.
  • Support for "DirectX Audio Plug-ins" (DirectShow filters) is limited to plug-ins that do not change the length or time of the audio data.

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