What program are you using?
  • GoldWave
  • VideoMeld
    What type of problem?
    • Installation
    • User Interface/General
    • Playback
      • Cannot start or cannot hear playback
      • Audio and video are not synchronized
      • Audio stutters
      • Video hesitates or skips
        • Some videos have very low key frame rates, which are difficult to preview in real-time. However the melded video will be smooth.
        • If the video is encoded using a variable bitrate, it is impossible to accurately seek to exact frames. That causes video to hesitate and skip ahead.
        • Avoid variable bitrate videos, when possible.
        • Increase the frame rate setting under Options | Playback Settings to match the video so that interframe seeking is not required during preview playback.
        • Or decrease the frame rate under Options | Playback Settings to reduce the processing required for playback.

    • Image Quality
    • Effects
    • File

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