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  • GoldWave
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    • Installation
    • User Interface/General
    • Playback
      • Playback quality is lower than expected
      • Cannot hear anything during playback
      • Only one channel plays, but the other is silent
      • Playback stutters or is intermittent or distorted
        • Try restarting your system.
        • Try playing the file in Windows Media Player to see if it has the same problem. If so, the file may be bad or the sound drivers need to be updated. If the file is bad and was recorded in GoldWave, see the Recording section below.
        • If audio plays too fast as well, try using DirectSound mode in GoldWave. Press F11, choose the System tab, then choose the DirectSound button (Windows Vista/7 only).
        • In GoldWave, press F11 and choose the Device tab. Try selecting a different device if more than one is installed. If the device is listed as "emulated", obtain a new sound driver from the manufacturer or increase the "Latency" setting in GoldWave.
        • In GoldWave, press F11 and choose the Device tab. Enable the "Alternative initialization" option" to see if that helps. Also try changing the latency setting.
        • If you have Total Recorder installed, make sure GoldWave is not using the Total Recorder virtual device driver (change the device as mentioned above).
        • If playback stutters during effect previewing, your system may be too slow to process the audio in realtime. Choose OK, then play the processed audio.
        • If you have anti-virus software running, try disabling it temporarily to see if that solves the problem.
        • If the Windows Indexing Service is running, stop it (see the Windows Help for details).
        • If all else fails, contact the manufacturer or replace your sound card with something better.

      • Volume is not loud enough
      • An error occurs

    • Effects
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    • Tool

  • VideoMeld

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