GoldWave Open Source Goal

GoldWave Inc. has provided high quality, affordable audio editing software for over 25 years. April 2023 will mark 30 years of GoldWave! We are very grateful for all of the support from our users and customers over these many years.

Keeping GoldWave relevant and useful in the future is our biggest challenge. Some work in that direction is ongoing with GoldWave Infinity, but we believe it is time for a more radical change. We want to take GoldWave Infinity to the next level by shifting to an Open Source development model. We are very excited about all the possibilities an opened sourced GoldWave will bring! By contributing to our open source goal, you will help to ensure that GoldWave continues to thrive and evolve well into the future.

Shifting to an open source development model allows many talented developers from around the world to expand, improve, and enhance GoldWave. There are so many potential advantages, such as:
  • More reliable code
  • More complex features and effects
  • Integration of other open source projects not possible in a closed source model
  • Privacy with zero data collection and no App Store or OS monitoring or telemetry
  • No need for license authentication checks!
  • Free! GoldWave Infinity would be free for everyone!
We believe that open source development will expand GoldWave in ways we cannot even imagine right now.

We would provide all of the source code for GoldWave Infinity under an open source license (GPL or MIT). To do that, we would need to raise two million dollars. These funds will be used to:

  • Acquire the source code and intellectual property from the Windows version of GoldWave.
  • Bring the functionality from the Windows version into GoldWave Infinity.
  • Provide dedicated development of GoldWave Infinity for at least 5 years.
  • Provide continued hosting and networking infrastructure.
  • Provide developer and customer support.
  • Further develop HUI, a new cross-platform HTML based C++ graphical user interface library.

Every contribution is important, so please consider one of these options:

Cash Contribution

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Cryptocurrency Contribution


Please note that cryptocurrency contributions are not updated in real-time.

Limited Edition GoldWave NFT Licenses

Each NFT contains unlockable content with details for accessing the unique GoldWave Lifetime License. Some NFTs are currently available at a big discount, so you can get a limited edition license for less than a regular one! Browse the collection on OpenSea to find them.

Wood License Wood License
999 possible
Bronze License Bronze License
100 available
Bronze License Silver License
50 available
Gold License Gold License
Just 10 available
Gold License Emerald License
Just 5 available
Gold License Sapphire License
Just 3 available
Ruby License Ruby License.
Only 1 available.


⭐ Primary goal: Open Source GoldWave Infinity under GPL
  2 Stretch Goal: Open Source GoldWave Infinity under liberal MIT license
  3 Stretch Goal: Native# versions based on GoldWave Infinity

* If we are unable to reach our primary funding goal or if we receive a substantially larger private acquisition offer, refundable contributions will be returned if possible (less transactions fees of about 4%). Non-refundable contributions will be used for continued GoldWave development. The final decision will be made on or before the 30th anniversary (April 28th, 2023).

# Native versions for Linux, and Android may allow more recording features, better access to files/storage, faster processing, etc. and is intended to be superior to the current native versions. Unfortunately native MacOS and iOS versions are not planned due to the complexity related to Apple's policies and certificates. The open source community is free to take up that challenge.

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